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10 important steps to help your blog stand out

Packing it with a punch is great, but more is required. Much more.

Seems like everyone's got something to say. Now it's your turn. Whether you're writing a blog for family and friends, or establishing yourself in your field or niche, you will likely benefit from the following list of "10 Important Steps to Help Your Blog Stand Out." (You're welcome.)

  1. Have an end goal in mind. If you want your blog to stand out from the rest, it's important that you start with the basics. Ask yourself, "What is the purpose of this blog?" "Who would I like to attract to read it?" Whatever the answer, you should have an end goal in mind. Are you looking to stand out professional within a particular field? Are you writing the blog to exhibit your writing skills? Are you looking for family and friends to laugh, ponder, or simply enjoy? Doesn't matter. If you don't have an end goal in mind, your random thoughts will be a loose cannon - all over the place. Unless that's what you want to be known as, don't do it. Have an end goal in mind and your blog will stand out in the overcrowded blogosphere.

  2. Create a name your audience can easily find and a description that POPS! One of the most important steps to help your blog stand out is to give it a name that speaks to your audience and a description that pops! For instance, it's okay to name it, "Sally's Organic Bath Oils" if that's what you want to name it, but be sure to add a description that screams, "Buy Me!" For instance, you could add a description that talks about your family-owned business since 2014. But that's really boring and no one cares. Why not say something like, "Founded in 2014, Sally's Organic Bath Oils" began as a whimsical concept as a much-needed natural based skin moisturizer for family and friends and has grown into a full-fledged organic body line that now offers free shipping across the US!" Do you get the second description sounds more enticing?

  3. Solve and issue or raise one. Have you overcome a problem recently or faced one? No doubt there are others who need the info you now have. Even if you haven’t experienced a problem personally, if you know the particulars and can put them into writing – that’s really all that’s required to help your blog to stand out among the masses. In no time at all you’ll have folks reaching out to you and looking to you for answers. Don’t panic. If you don’t know the answers, find an expert who does. I can attest from personal experience: there are literally thousands of folks looking to have their words in an article or blog. Why not yours?

  4. Learn the significance of SEO (search engine optimization). I know, now it’s starting to sound like work, but it can be fun. Again, if you’re looking simply to jot down random thoughts, this step doesn’t apply to you. But if you’re trying to build an online reputation as a blogger, get to work on that SEO! It really isn’t that difficult, but you must be diligent about it. There are outstanding tutorials on YouTube and other free (or inexpensive) platforms out there. But if you're just learning about it, make sure you're learning from someone who's actually utilized the approach - and has been successful at it.

  5. Develop a digital calendar and be consistent. To help your blog stand out from the rest and improve in rankings, I can't emphasize this step enough. A digital calendar will help you to stay the course, stay on track and keep a clear focus. In other words: you won't be shooting in the dark. You’re checking your current and subsequent months to see when a particular blog should be posted, which dates are important in that industry, and what you should be posting and why. An effective digital calendar will demand that you call for a course of action, which will improve sales. This is serious stuff here.

  6. Write outstanding content. Or not. You can always hire someone (ahem!) to write it for you - just make sure the blogger knows what your end game is, that they understand who you are and what you stand for, that the content written is in the company's voice and, most importantly, that it speaks to your target audience in an understandable manner. Your blogger should have relevant material that can withstand time (to the extent possible, depending on the niche). By doing so, you'll certainly gain more readers, which will turn your blog into a much-needed must-read on a regular basis.

  7. Don't wait for perfection - you'll never publish it! Look, we're all just doing the best we can. And sometimes the best isn't good enough. But if you want to write a blog that stands out on its own merits, you cannot wait until the blog is perfect. It'll never get published! Case in point: what began as a "5 important steps to help your blog stand out" increased to "7 important steps to help your blog stand out." And then I recalled two other other important aspects to improving your blog and it became "9 important steps to help your blog stand out." But the "Monk" in me kept hitting over the head because I can't leave a list at 9 - that doesn't even look right! So it's now "10 important steps to help your blog stand out." And believe me, there are a lot more that I could likely add, but no one's expecting perfection. Still, the next step is a must...

  8. Proof three times before hitting "publish". In fact, after proofing three times and making any needed changes, ask a friend or colleague to proof it before moving forward. I have a sister who is a phenomenal writer in her own right and she (nearly) always finds something that I've missed or misstated. It's annoying as anything - but it saves me a lot from ending up with egg on my face. For the novice blogger, it's best to: put your thoughts on the blog in draft form; walk away for a time (at least a few hours) and return with fresh eyes and mind. You'll be surprised at what you wrote and your frame of mind at the time. By the way: never, ever write a professional blog while you're angry. Like, never, dude.

  9. Publish and market the mess out of that puppy! This is likely one of the easiest steps you'll take - but often we'll leave the blog sitting in "draft" mode while we're taking care of other stuff that needs handled. In time, the post is no longer relevant and it doesn't matter if we publish it or not at that point. We're busy, for sure. But you cannot possibly have a popular blog that stands above the rest if the blog isn't published and marketed. Depending on the platform used, it's as 'easy as pie' with the click of a mouse. On certain platforms you can also easily post on your social media site. Once it's there, just a matter of reposting that original post. Don't worry about oversaturating with your post: most of us don't see the first or second post because of how algorithms are developed anyway. If you want folks to see your post, repost. Again and again.

  10. ...and for the really, really serious blogger: Create a podcast to cross-promote your content! It’s really not as difficult as it sounds. In fact, the beauty of podcasts (for me, at least) is that it’s actually a lot less work than I thought initially. For instance, you can simply hold a 5 minute “check out my blog and see how it solves…” or a 15-minute episode featuring an outstanding potter from Hogestown, PA. Doesn't really matter. Point is: a podcast can only enhance your notoriety as a blogger, making your blog more popular than ever. And that is the point of this post - to assure that your blog stands out from the literal millions on the Internet today.

So there it is. Whether you're interested in blogging to help others find the best lug nuts to use on that old jalopy, or the importance of just the right amount of yeast in the dough...whether your friends will have a good laugh, or you enjoy the newest burger in town, if you follow the actions outlined in this post, in no time at all you'll have a blog that will stand out from the rest. You can do it; I believe in you.

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