Aim. Fire. (Always Ready.)

What I do...

1. Listen well.

2. Take everything into account.

3. Think of the impact/outcome to you and your business.

4. Work within your budget.

5. Offer effective advice.

...and THEN I...

Write. A LOT.


Articles. Bios. Blogs. Book Reviews. Books. Content writing. Film Reviews. Press releases. Scripts. White papers.  

Proofread and edit.

Sure, there are online platforms that could proof for you, but they don't understand context. Make sure your copy is right and tight and your brand will excel above your competitors.



Before beginning, let's talk about your perceived outcome, realities, and how to approach both. Whether it's writing an article for a journal, or public relations-related, pitching your story to the media or training on how to prep to meet the media - I got you!