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About J Blair Brown

JBlair is a lifelong resident of Harrisburg, PA. Her love of writing began in the fourth grade after her teacher laughed at her first poem. (Read all about it HERE.)

Formerly employed at two different advertising agencies, JBlair learned the importance of marketing and PR - and the differences between the two. These experiences compelled her to establish herself as a published writer, which led to her being published on entertainment sites and in health care and news journals.


In 2016, she published her first children's book, Leroy and the Legend, and has also ghostwritten several books for other individuals, including a nationally recognized motivational speaker.

JBlair is a former podcast host (with nearly 200k downloads to her credit), and is totally at ease with speaking before an audience. This level of comfort serves both her and her clients well as she assists in establishing their online presence through article content, digital marketing and media outreach and on such topics as: Diversity in the Workplace; Work/Life Balance; and Encouraging Creativity in the Workplace.


Her training program, "In My Feelings," is developed specifically for at-risk youths as well as women in homeless/transitional housing.


"In My Feelings" offers a safe environment to express one's innermost feelings through words, music, movement/dance, poetry, song and more. The ultimate goal: to instill confidence; express joys, fears, desires, goals and dreams; and unleash hidden potential.

JBlair's work can also been seen on IMDB, where she has written several bios for established and upcoming talents in the entertainment industry.

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