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Nakia Dillard with breakout star Elisha Williams on the set of ABCs The Wonder Years (2021), where Dillard has a recurring role.

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Aikan Acts - Philadelphia school of arts (actor Nakia Dillard, Founder)

Full Circle Music, Inc - A state-of-the-art multi-faceted entertainment and promotions hub located in Harrisburg, PA

Got Jerk! - A national brand of original spicy Jamaican sauces and juices


June Brown, MHS - Awareness/Life Coach, Trainer, Motivational Speaker


Barbara Williams - Accomplished private tutor to children with dyslexia


Media Strategy

Without an effective strategy, you can spin your wheels for years and never hit a target. It happens...unless a thoughtful strategy is set in place and put into motion. It calls for relationship building, endless calls, laughing at jokes that aren't funny and cringing at stories that aren't cute. Remember the "pride-swallowing siege" speech in Jerry Maguire? Yup...right on point. But I digress. Let's build you a media strategy that works and make those cringe-worthy stories count for something.


Digital Marketing

What exactly IS digital marketing? To put it plainly, digital marketing is any online tool or platform used as a means to market your product or services. Social media? Yep. YouTube? You betcha! Email marketing? Of course? Website? Without a doubt. There's so much more to digital marketing, however. And if you don't have the right tools in place (or know how to use them), it won't really matter. The right approach makes all the difference.

Social Media Marketing

Social media. Can't get around it. And yet, even if you're doing it, it might still be ineffective. That's where I come in. I offer social media packages developed specifically for YOUR audience, spoken YOUR way, using the correct social media platform (no, they're not all created equal), and at just the right time (yes, that's a thing). Let me show you.



Branding is simply the concept people have in mind when they think of you and your products or services - or lack thereof. (Just ask an "influencer" who has no product or service to offer.) Your brand is your reputation. So ask yourself, "What are they saying about me?" If you smiled when you thought of it, you're on the right track. Keep it up! But if not...we have some work to do. 




With a well thought-through marketing strategy, I will help you to not simply attract new customers but retain them as well. Whether it’s through videos, blogs, articles, or by managing your social media accounts – you could notice an increase in activity and engagement in no time. And that’s just the start.



"I worked with JBlair when I filmed Greencastle. She did an outstanding job getting us the publicity we sought on our award-winning film. I highly recommend her!"


"JBlair is a consummate professional and a prolific writer! She was able to step right in and assist me with academic writings that were of great benefit to my career as well as personally."


"We can't say enough about JBlair and her skills. She not only provided my daughter with publicity - she got her booked on NPR! Great opportunity and all due to J!"

DANA OLITA-OGDEN / Mother of tween actress, RORY OGDEN

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